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What to pack for island sex resort, Dr.Nights

Every year, travelers set their sights on Punta Cana, heading for the beautiful beaches and clear, blue waters of the Caribbean. Hidden among the beautiful landscape is a unique experience for anyone looking for an enjoyable adults-only getaway. Tucked away in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is the Dr.Nights Sex Resort, a self-described “sandbox for your inner fantasies.” There’s something for everyone as the resort is sectioned off into “topless” and “clothed” areas, respectively. Regardless of which area you plan to enjoy during your stay, you want to be adequately prepared to enjoy the adult vacation to your fullest. Let’s take a look at some of the necessities.

Casual Apparel It’s no secret that Punta Cana lies in one of the hottest climates, so this isn’t time to bring your parka with you. On average you’ll experience temperatures in the 80s and with the option to stroll around sans-clothing you won’t have to try too hard to look nice while at the resort. Most visitors are fine with a swimsuit, shorts, tee shirt or tank top. For each article of clothing, have between 2 and 4 pair so there’s always something dry and clean to wear. Women may prefer to pack a few sundresses or cover-ups. You’ll also want a light pair of nightwear and some comfortable undies. If you decide to walk on the beach during cool evenings or experience inclement weather, have a light jacket or pants ready. Sandals are the best footwear and a wide-brimmed hat will keep you safe from the sun.

Activity Clothes One of the main things that attract visitors to the sex resort is the vibrant nightlife, where musicians play nightly and stage performers turn the entire scene into a spirited party. Think about what you would wear to a hot, summer swingers club and bring a couple of options, especially if you plan on heading out several nights in a row. Think polos and shorts for mean and flirty, loose dresses for women. The Punta Cana adults only resort also features a full-service fitness facility and sports courses for a variety of games. Athletic gear is a great option for the athletic-minded visitor. Don’t forget sturdy shoes.

Toiletries The first item you should purchase for your trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is sunscreen to prevent burn and damage from the bright sun you’ll encounter during your stay. Waterproof is the best kind so you can enjoy the assortment of activities with freedom, such as kayaking, golf  and scuba diving. Sunglasses will ensure that your eyes are protected. In the case that you do burn, bring aloe gel. If you take medicine, keep your prescriptions within easy reach, along with basic needs such as toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, soap and your favorite shampoo.

If you’re visiting the adult vacation resort for a romantic getaway, as many guests do, packing lotions, scented body oils, lingerie and your trusted choice of contraception isn’t a bad idea.

Additional Needs Since the escort resort is an international sex tourism destination, you will need a passport to enter and leave the country, but a visa isn’t required. Your transport from the resort and airport is included in your stay so you don’t have to worry about making transportation arrangements. Cash is always good to have on hand, even at a self-sufficient resort such as this one. You can exchange your US cash for Dominican Pesos at the front desk or the airport. If you are visiting in the summer or fall you may encounter rain, so an umbrella is a great accessory to have on hand. As for entertainment, do not forget your device chargers and a good classic book.

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