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drnights sex resort alibi system

Alibi System

Avvailable on request





Carretera turistica

Bavaro, Punta Cana 51000

Privacy Focused

Dr. Nights Perfect Alibi System

Need to getaway? Need to do it discreetly?

No Problem!, Dr. nights has created the perfect alibi system…and it goes like this:

We have a fictitious resort number registered, search-able, googleable (if that’s a word?) and even have it indexed in the GDS…That’s right, her investigative techniques will prove useless, Indeed you are on that business trip, or checking out the Golf Courses in the Caribbean… Yes, honey I am going on a real estate tour looking into some hot investment at the Cap Cana development (trump likes it, and so should we).

It all works for us, Our secretaries are trained to deal with all types of scenarios. if you have your own, No problem we have special software and it will dictate whatever you want our secretaries to say.

To use our Alibi System click on the “Book Now” button below, fill out the reservation form, your Total will appear on the last page. Finally, where it says special instructions; feel free to enter your specific alibi instructions, Once you submit your form, we will issue you a special phone number which you will use for your alibi.

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