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What really happens at Dr.Nights Adult Vacation Resort -Review from a couples perspective

Candid Review of a couple who visited our place, We decided to re-publish it here to give our clients an insight from a clients perspective:

All inclusive Resorts Adults Only

Over the summer, my boyfriend surprised me with reservations to a all inclusive resorts adults only resort for singles and

couples that’s located in Punta Cana. Dominican Republic (They seem to have another location in the same country on the north coast of the island in the town of Puerto Plata). I’ve honestly never been to anything like this, Except for an adult only cruise we took 2 years ago, but that was legit mainstream no kink! .I like to think of myself as an open-minded, adventure loving thirty-something-year-old. I peeked over the brochure and looked at some information online about adults only resorts and was pleasantly surprised to read testimonials that this place was a lovely escape where “anything goes.”

I found plenty of five-star reviews of the amenities in the resort as well as the accommodations that the all inclusive resorts adults only had. You would think that after doing a bit of background research of this place, I would be ready for what was to be expected something similar to hedonism resorts right?.

I envisioned a place filled with erotic adults only experiences and people walking around in the nude beach couples resort, utterly comfortable with their bodies. Being someone who preaches and practices self-love and acceptance, this place was definitely selling me paradise. I’m completely down to be somewhere where I can walk around naked and feel comfortable in my own skin. Honestly, there just aren’t enough places like this in the world.

Then the day came for us to head off to our cheap caribbean all inclusive adventure. We excitedly packed our bags and headed to the airport. My boyfriend seemed to be really stoked for the experience, which made me happy. It’s been a while since we had any sort of alone time or vacation together outside of eating takeout and watching Netflix on a Saturday night. This was a significant change of pace for our relationship. After you’ve been together for over a decade, you do have to try new things to spice it up.( Vacation porn anyone?) :).

So why not a clothing optional resort, right?

We boarded our plane and headed out to the sex resort in Punta Cana. It was rather exciting, sitting there on the plane with all the other passengers. Most of them were probably going to visit family or take a vanilla vacation somewhere else. We giggled at the idea that no one knew that we were headed out to Doctor Nights swinger resorts.

Adults Only

When we arrived, we were greeted by a VIP host at the airport, he then took us to our Luxurious Cadillac Escalade SUV!, When he opened the door we peeked inside to see two beautiful companions who smiled and handed us a cold beer and cigar, Which we opted for the beer and quickly guzzled down. (We were thirsty :). The ride was awesome, it was frisky, and a great appetizer to what was about to be served. We arrived at the reception house for the main course, twenty five gorgeous escorts lined up awaiting our selection and the kindest staff that you could ever imagine. We spent 1 hour picking our main course (wink, wink) and then headed to resort for check-in The receptionist gave us the keys to our suite, which was absolutely gorgeous. It had a gigantic bed, a pretty big tub, and a view to die for, overlooking the beach. That’s it, folks, we have arrived in clothing optional resorts paradise!

My boyfriend and I wasted no time trying to unpack or get too comfortable in the suite. We were ready to explore the rest of the best couples resort and check out all these places that the brochure promised. I was prepared for this.

Or so I thought.

Let me make myself clear, as someone who is an advocate for people exploring their sexuality, I’m fully supportive of adult resort places like this. In fact, as long as the adults participating are all consenting individuals, I’m pretty much okay with it. I love adult cruises and all inclusive beach resorts. Adventure is my thing. Even when people are publicly showing their passion for each other, hey, I’m here for it. It can be a huge turn-on not only for the people involved but also for the person watching.

Cheap Caribbean All Inclusive

However, I definitely was not ready for what dominican republic escorts had to offer.

Turns out our companion had one of her best girlfriends inside the resort who was selected by another couple, The quickly located each other and introduced us. This was unexpected and a pleasant surprise, I must say I was very attracted to the male counterpart ;)…Trying to play it cool, I suggested we head to the spa.

The spa had plenty of people in it. Most of them ranged from my age (30’s) to people that I would guess to be in their 60’s. The majority of the people in the spa were definitely couples though there seemed to be a few stragglers who were not paired up with anyone else. Though not a concrete rule that this resort was for couples and paired singles, most of the guests were definitely in a relationship of some sort.

My boyfriend and I found ourselves talking to the couple around our age. The woman in the relationship was drop-dead gorgeous- dare I say the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She had striking blue eyes and light brown hair that was glistening in the mist. She smiled and was so friendly. This was apparently the third time her and her partner had visited the resort, and they make it a point to come here at least once a year. They stated they used to visit a cancun all inclusive adults only named “desire” and due to safety concerns they began traveling here instead.

Her partner was equally great to look at. He had medium length brown hair and these deep-set dark eyes. Her partner and my boyfriend joined us in conversation. They were beaming and were apparently in their environment. Her boyfriend seemed very open-minded and made it clear to us that he was “down for anything.” “Whatever happens, happens.” While I applaud any couple that could get to that type of openness in their relationship, I was not ready for that yet.

For the first time in a long time, I was feeling naive and unprepared. No amount of researching or Googling of this adult vacation resort could have prepared me for this type of open environment. However, the resort ambiance itself does a delightful job of making you feel safe and included. I didn’t question my welfare even once, during my stay.

The couple had something scheduled that they needed to leave for so we said our goodbyes to them. However, my boyfriend and I weren’t quite ready to go yet. We decided to make our way through the spa swingers and get to know the other guests at this escort resort. Now, this is a place where anything goes so you can imagine what went down at this spa.

Best All Inclusive Resorts Adults Only

Through the sea of people swapping partners and kisses, we did strike up some friendly conversation with other guests. After all, this was an environment of open-mindedness and joy, filled with cheerful laughter. This is indeed a place where people go to be themselves and find comfort in their day to day lifestyles.

My boyfriend and I came to find that a lot of the couples we met were asking us if we were lifestylers. At first, we were confused, but they explained to us that this was a casual question wondering if we were open to swinging. Now that’s something you don’t learn every day! Clearly, a lot of the couples at this adults only all inclusive resort were not first-timers. Many of them have had previous experiences with other couples at this resort and were frequent flyers here. To ask someone if they’re a lifestyler helps you feel out how open the other couple is. Seriously, this was an erotic paradise.

It turns out that more than half of the couples that came to this resort are swingers. Well, it was pitched to me that about 60% were swingers, though I question how accurate that number really is. In the all inclusive couples resorts resort filled with spas, tubs, and beds ready for random hookups at any time, I definitely believe that the number of swingers is much higher.

But let’s veer away from the guests and talk about the clothing optional resorts, for a second. There’s basically everything you could ask for in this fully nude couples resort. Plenty of spas, restaurants, bars, pools, tubs, you name it. These amenities were also open throughout the day, so if there was an hour you decided you needed to get out and do something, it was available to you. Paradise, right?

And let’s not forget that this resort is all inclusive! Yes, this includes the drinks and the food. This place is much better than you can imagine or read about in the reviews and I’m so thrilled that my boyfriend chose such a beautiful place.

The staff itself was world class. You might be afraid that coming to Dominican Republic all inclusive adults only resort that the team might be judgmental or get tired of accommodating all the strange and different requests that they ask. From the moment we arrived to the second we left, the staff was nothing but kind and open-minded.

To top it off, if you left something at home, they probably have it on hand for you. Need lube? No problem. Extra condoms? Check.

The staff was wholly inviting and pleasant to work with. This all inclusive couples resorts is absolutely world class. You never get a judging or disgusted vibe from the staff that works there. I’m sure they’ve seen and heard everything. Somehow, they always manage to remain accommodating. The other guests have had nothing but great things to say about the staff at the resort.

Adults Only Resorts

If you’re a newcomer like me, but you’re interested in the world of nude

couples resorts, there is definitely something that should be highlighted- this place is not a nude resort, nor-clothing optional. They offer escorted vacations for singles and couples. They also play by the “no means no” rule, which I am completely 100% for. Respect and consent are celebrated here, as it should be.Safe sex is practiced. This is a full-fledged sex resort, not a nudist hotel where people don’t really mingle with each other. There are spas and lavish rooms in the resort that are entirely dedicated to groups and having a go at each other when you feel the excitement.

Indeed, this is an oasis. A getaway where you can ultimately be yourself. Let your mind roam free and step into the comfort of being in your skin.

In fact, we decided to try out one of the private dances that the resort had available at the reception house. What do you think of when you hear “private dance?” For me, this invoked a scene where my boyfriend and I are sharing a sexy striptease from a gorgeous woman. Thinking that this was what was going to happen, I invited another couple we met, and we scheduled a private dance.

But first, we were going to have dinner together. Let’s just say that the food was amazing and out of this world. My boyfriend ordered a steak, and I had some seafood, and it was as orgasmic as the other experiences at the resort. There is really nothing negative I could say about the dining experience, or really, this fully nude couples resort altogether. The food was gourmet and easily one of the best places we have ever dined at.

After dinner, we were ready for the private dance waiting for us at the reception house. To our surprise, there was a sex swing that was drilled into the ceiling. They whisked us away to an erotic getaway, filled with rose petals, champagne, and beautiful companions. The atmosphere was incredible.

The companion that accompanied us and I were ready to sip some champagne and watch this sexy striptease go down. To my surprise, that’s not what happened at all! I was under the assumption that this was going to be something similar to what happens at bachelorette parties. Instead, under the guidance of a beautiful red-haired woman, clad in lace and thigh-highs, The companions started to have sex in front of us and our new couple friends! While this was not what I expected at all, it was a great unique experience for all of us.

The redheaded woman began to guide our new friends towards us, probably instructing them to join in. I definitely wasn’t ready for a foursome, so I respectfully declined.

Adults Only All Inclusive

After the wonderful time we all had, we decided that it was time to head back and explore more of the adults only resorts. There was a disco in a cave (that’s right a disco in a cave, awesome!!) that was happening, so we found ourselves heading towards that direction. It was amazing. The music was so upbeat, and there were so many sexy bodies moving and dancing. Drinks were there, and we were laughing, having fun, and enjoying ourselves. Honestly, this is probably one of the best times of my lives.

My new friend and I sat down to take a breath and enjoy our drinks. She was surprised that I had no idea what that private dance consisted of. I mean, of course, there wasn’t anything as innocent as just a private dance, but I guess I’m more vanilla than I think I am. We talked about our experiences in the adult vacation resort and laughed some more. She was definitely not new to the sex resort scene, but we were her first date at Dr.Nights. We both agreed that this place was terrific and I was sure come back and visit in a later time.

That evening, I went back to the suite with my boyfriend. A part of me was relieved to have some privacy and alone time with him, but I was so energized and invigorated from the experiences that we’ve had at the spa, restaurant, and disco. We talked about the different people we met, drank some more champagne, and overall, had a great time together. I totally think that spending time in this sex resort with my boyfriend has brought us closer and spiced things up in the bedroom for us.

On the day that we left, we packed our bags and said our goodbyes to the other guests. The check-out process was just as seamless as the check-in process. I can’t think of another resort where I’ve been treated so well by the people that were employed there. There is indeed nothing negative that I can say about the environment that we were in. As we waved goodbye to Punta Cana and headed back to our humble life, we have all these great memories of the beautiful best all inclusive resorts adults only that we spent a few days in. Hopefully one day we’ll make our way back here.Rates & Packages

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