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Resort News – Price drop – 1k tip price adjustment


Coming Soon! Claritza

As most of you who have visited our establishment recently may have noticed, Our service level quality has increased, we have changed out many toxic staff members and replaced them with vibrant energetic individuals who share our common goal to deliver great adult vacations to the best clients one could hope for.

We remain committed to providing great sex vacation experiences. For this reason we have also decided for the first time in our history to drop prices, Our 5 star service will remain the same the only difference will be it will cost you less; much less!. From today forward our prices will start at a competition crushing $999 p/n for our basic package.

Continuing with our commitment we have also decided to address an issue that has been occurring, Recently our girls are declining the 1k tip (unprotected option) due to lack of incentive, Our staff members have also complained about the sheer amount of legwork required to make sure the girls/clients get tested, getting the results back in time and having real doctors analyze results for clients and girls with translation. As a result from today onward the 1k tip will be known as the 2k tip. All current 1k tip offers will be honored, and we do hope our clients understand our position in this matter.

In conclusion, Dr.Nights is honored to be the number one choice for adult vacation destinations in the world and we will continue to improve our services and pamper our clients. it is our distinct pleasure to treat you all like Kings and Queens during your stay here with us.



Reservations Director

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