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Punta Cana Vs. Puerto Plata

Punta Cana vs. Puerto Plata

With this Article we hope to answer the number 1 frequently asked question:

What’s the difference between our Punta Cana location and our Puerto Plata Location?

In a nutshell, Punta Cana is considered to be more upscale as opposed to Puerto Plata which is considered to be more economical.

The newer resort would be in Punta Cana, the difference between the two; other than location, would be the fact that Puerto Plata is a mountainous region with a golden sand beach and emerald colored waters. On the Other hand, Punta Cana has no mountains, white sand beach, and turquoise waters. Regarding the girls, they are selectively chosen and very beautiful at either location.

Punta Cana Beach (Below)

Punta Cana Dr.Nights

Punta Cana vs. Puerto Plata


Puerto Plata Beach (Below)

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