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Punta Cana Airport Scheduled to Reopen July 1st, 2020

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Tourism Will Soon Return to the Dominican Republic!


Covid-19 Update Regarding Travel to the Dominican Republic.This week the DR’s Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, announced plans to resume travel to the Dominican Republic.On Friday, Garcia released a statement indicating that “the Dominican Republic will be ready to receive tourists in one month” as soon as recommend protocols are implemented. Minister Garcia previously outlined guidelines that will provide guidance on the new sanitation processes to be enforced by the DR’s Hotel and Tourism Association.Tourist locations in Dominican Republic Slowly Reopening:As many countries around the globe begin to slowly reopen shops, businesses and non-essential destinations, the Dominican Republic is enacting plans to reopen the economy. This process, albeit a slow one, will consist of four separate phases. The first began on May 20, 2020 and allowed for industrial businesses (construction companies, mining and quarry sites, agriculture, sea ports and airports) to open with specified precautions. Please note that ports and airport will be opening only for cargo and ferry at this time.

Punta Cana Airport New Procedures:


There is currently no indicated timeline for reopening other parts of the economy or entering subsequent phases. As the health situation evovles and COVID-19 cases increase or decrease, proper decisions will be made regarding reopening dates.

Current Situation:

Dominican Republic Covid-19 Statistics:Covid-19 cases in the Dominican Republic totals 13,477, which represents 0.12421198% of the population of approx. 10.85 million (2020 est.).Fatalities due to COVID-19 remains low: 446 persons have died or 3.31% of the total cases, which indicates that the DR is doing a remarkable job of battling and controlling the virus.Dominican Republic’s State of Emergency and Curfew:The state of emergency has been extended an additional 15 days from May 18, 2020 due to the Coronavirus.The national curfew remains in effect with a revised schedule:Monday to Saturday from 7:00 pm until 5:00 amSunday from 5:00 pm until 5:00 amThe new curfew schedule will remain in effect from May 18 until June 1, 2020

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Travel Pulse recently indicated that Hotels & Resorts are gearing up to welcome tourists to their locations.Hotel chains including Playa Hotels & Resorts, Palladium Hotel Group, AIC Hotel Group, RIU, Barcelo, Iberostar and AM Resorts are reopening in Mexico and instituting measures to ensure the health and safety of guests. this includes but is not limited to increased cleaning and social distancing among guests and employees. Locations owned by these businesses in the DR will likely follow suit.While this news is promising it is still unknown how tourists feel about the prospect of traveling and staying in locations with large groups of people.

SOLUTION: Vacation Rentals & Private Villas in the Dominican Republic:for those who are unsure about traveling and being able to maintain distance, we have a few solutions for you. Private villas and vacation rentals in the DR are a great option.Perhaps you prefer more private stays in the tropics or simply want to have peace of mind during the current health conditions. Avoid crowded resorts and stay with your hand-selected group of friends or family at Dr. Nights Private Villas.

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Most of these villa stays will come with live-in staff and a single private chef, ensuring that your exposure to people and the outside world is limited. Our staff has been closely monitored to ensure their health and trained on the utmost sanitizing practices, deeply cleaning every spot of the villas and paying extra attention to high touch areas ( like countertops, light switches, door handles,etc.). Staff will also be wearing masks and social distancing during your stay.You can still plan your trip to the Dominican Republic, simply contact us to find out how you can begin to reserve your villa.Places to Stay in the Dominican Republic:Guests who are booking new reservations, will receive “No Hassle Rescheduling” on all our properties – if affected by Covid-19!

Count down to Punta Cana Airport Reopening:

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