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No hidden Fees! 100% guaranteed!

No hidden fee guarantee

Unlike competitors, we do not hide fees.

Due to the volume of complaints we are receiving from clients calling in about our competitors hiding charges, We have decided to publish this article addressing this issue- which seems to be a common occurrence within our industry.

What do we mean by Hidden Charges? typical situations focus in on the girls.Example:  You fly in, pick your girl and get checked into your room, then finally you are ready to enjoy your beautiful companion, only to hear her say ” The fee you paid is just for my time, If you want extra It will cost more”.

Rest assured Dr.Nights staff or companions will never put you in this situation.

Dr.Nights No Hidden Fee Guarantee:

We are dedicated to providing you with the most ethical, professional and highest quality service and accommodations possible. Our courteous staff will help you select the best companion and make the reception party process as simple and convenient as possible. Should we fail to meet your expectations or to provide value for the fees you are charged, please let us know immediately.

The costs for your adult vacation is all inclusive. We clearly display all charges & provide you with an exact total of our fees for the services and goods that are selected.The girls will not ask for extra money to perform GFE services.

More details on extra fees please view Terms & Conditions page

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