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Curfew & Restrictions To be lifted June 28th 2020 at 5AM AST

UPDATE 4: COVID-19 and Travel to the D.R.

We are halfway through the year, and that means many tourists are excitedly awaiting news of when they resume their travel plans, and more specifically when the Dominican Republic will officially reopen to tourists.The third of a four-phase re-opening plan was previously delayed by the government. This pause occurred as a precautionary measure against the virus. The DR currently has just shy of 30,619 positive COVID-19 cases, which translates to a quarter of one percent (0.26%) of the total population (10.85 million). The total number of fatal COVID cases in the country is 718.Phase 4 is still on schedule for July 1st and will allow the border to officially reopen and travel to resume as usual.

The national curfew in the DR has officially been scheduled to cease on June 28th, at 5AM AST 2020.

Flying into the Dominican Republic

All airports in the DR are not accepting flights from across the globe. The airline industry is joined by hotel and hospitality as resorts, hotels, transportation services and adventure/excursions businesses have also resumed operation.When borders reopen, travelers from the USA, Canada and Europe will be able to fly into Punta Cana Airport, the busiest in the DR.We expect to welcome 60,000 – 100,000 tourists next month and reports from the national hotel association date full recovery at the next 18 months.The main focus for service providers in the tourism industry, as well as travelers themselves is health. Businesses are doing everything they can to ensure safety.Francisco Javier Garcia, Minister of Tourism, recently stated: that “the most important thing is the health and well-being of tourists.”

Planning Your Next Trip:

The first step is to travel as safely as you can. While you cannot be 100% free of dust or germs, you can feel completely comfortable and safe with the right tips.When you plan your trip to the DR, consider doing the following to ensure the health and safety of you and everyone you’re traveling with:Check our the policies for seating and social distancing while boarding before you book your flight. Is your preferred airline following safe social distancing practices?Consider flying out of a different airport for a direct flight. Many US cities offer straight flights that will get you to the DR in a matter of hours and limit your time in airports/planes, thus lowering your risk of exposure to the virus.Always sit by the window if possible: this will drastically limit your exposure to othersAlways carry disinfectant wipes with you to sanitize all surfaces, including your: seat, armrests, trays, etcBring hand sanitizer to clean your hands during your flight and after you have passed security checkpoints, made purchases, etc if soap and water are not availableWear a mask while you travel and pack plenty for your trip

While You’re HereOnce you arrive guess what? This is no time to worry about COVID-19! Now that you have taken your safety precautions know that our professionals in tourism are doing the same and want you to enjoy every moment that you are here. Stay safe and be mindful and enjoy this time away from the stress of daily headlines.Businesses throughout the Dominican Republic have implemented policies and practices to keep you safe.If you or someone you know reports symptoms report this as soon as possible to us. We are fully equipped to test for COVID-19 thanks to the National Public Health Laboratory and to connect you with a physician. You may dial the national hotline at anytime if you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19: dial *462.Don’t forget to purchase traveler’s insurance as you plan your trip to cover 100% of your vacation costs in the case of any emergency, including illness.Last but not least, enjoy yourself and take every precaution during your trip that you would at home: wear a mask in public, wash your hands often and social distance.We can’t wait to welcome you to the Dominican Republic!

Count down to Punta Cana Airport Reopening:

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