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Frequently Asked Questions

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adult vacation
  • Who are your top companions?
    I must admit this is a loaded question and will differ depending on which VIP host you ask, Therefore we have decided to take only our most reviewed top rated companions and consolidate them all into one in-depth article which we like to call: “The Dream Team”: Click here
  • Is Dr.Nigths Beachfront?
    Yes, we are right on the beach. In fact, Our Section is the closest to the beach Please view resort pictures for more info.
  • Whats the difference, between your two resort?
    We felt this question was best answered with an in-depth article, click here for answer
  • Are flights included in packages
    No, flights are not included in package price, however, we would gladly assist you in finding a flight or recommend best flight options. We recommend using to perform a consolidated search of all airlines flying into the Punta Cana Area Exception, if you are booking the high roller package the private jet flight is included
  • I see several questions asking if condoms are needed, if so are they provided? What is the limit to sexual activity with a companion in a day? If I enjoy my 24 hr companion do I have to switch the next day or can I stay with her?
    All our girls practice safe sex, for each girls specific rule and to request the No protection option, Please become a member to access this data.
  • I’ll be in Punta Cana in about a week. Is it possible to show up at the club and just pick a girl for a couple of hours or night? Or is everything pre-booked and multiple nights?
    Due to the nature of our business, walk-ins are not allowed
  • Hi, I’m intrigued about your resort. What payment methods do you accept to reserve a vacation?
    We accept mastercard, visa, bitcoin, wire transfer.
  • How does a sex vacation work?
    Please read our article on how this works
  • Do you test the girls for HIV?
    Our girls are tested for HIV and all STD’s by “Laboratorio Referencia” an ISO internationally certified lab. They are tested on arrival and every 3 months thereafter.Health records are available for client inspection. Compliance is also monitored by the Dominican Republic government and is part of our licencing requirements.
  • so everything is pre-paid upon arrival, do the girls get tipped or is that included as well?
    Payment depends on your chosen payment option. We have a no tipping policy please view our no hidden fee article.
  • Now that I am a member, how can I view the girls on the Puerto Plata site?
    As a member all girls available in both locations are hosted on, as we transport them to your arrival destination.
  • I’m about to order a vacation package for myself and have a few questions about the girls there. 1. Are the girls strictly GFE or do they go above all else? 2. Are there any limits with them as far as have sex with them? 3. Are condoms required?
    This is not a general question since each companion has different rules, If you would like to know which girls are willing to do what services then become a member: Once you have been granted access to members area this information will be displayed in each companions' profile. Otherwise you may ask them directly at reception party. As a member you can also exercise your privilege to preselect any companion before arrival.
  • Do you supply sex toys
    We do not supply sex toys, we do have sex shops in the area.
  • I am an Indian citizen but residing in USA. I am having US visa. Do i need to take Dominican republic Visa for coming over there?
    We are a very popular destination for Indian men. After receiving many Indian clients from the USA I am confident in stating that the rule of thumb is: “If you have a Visa from the USA, you can enter the Dominican Republic with no issues at all”.
  • i am a single bi-sexual female looking for female/female sex. is this possible? would a male companion as well be possible?
    Yes this is possbile, Please use our Beta Reservation form to book this package:
  • Language Barrier, I don't speak spanish, How will I communicate?
    Most of our girls speak Spanish, only a few speak English, we recommend bringing a translation dictionary or an electronic translation device. Update: After years in business, I can safely say, Language barrier has not been an issue at all. Most of our girls speak broken English. However, if you do need a fluent English speaking companion, Please become a member and preselect one before arrival.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
  • Are the girls STD tested?
    All our girls are tested for STD’s & police background records. STD tests are performed on arrival and every 3 months thereafter
  • In packages where you get a 24 hour companion and a 2 hr. companion, can you make it a threesome?
    This all depends on you, if at your reception party you select a 24 hour companion which is Bi-sexual and a 2 hour companion which is also Bi-Sexual and they get along; In addition agree to do a threesome, then your answer would be yes.
frequently asked sex vacation questions

Still Have Questions?


1. What activities are there to do at Dr. Nights Exotic Resort?
At Dr. Nights Exotic Resort, we offer a variety of activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, tennis, golf, zip-lining, and more.

2. What amenities are included in the resort?
All of our guests at Dr. Nights Exotic Resort can enjoy a variety of amenities such as a pool, spa, fitness center, restaurants, and bars.

3. Is there free Wi-Fi?
Yes, free Wi-Fi is available for all of our guests during their stay at Dr. Nights Exotic Resort.

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