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Sex Vacation destination with escorts included

Sex vacation destination with escorts, beachfront resort, VIP host, all packages are customizable, via our online travel reservation form, Just become a member, then book your trip, and finally choose your preferred companion from our beautiful escorts below by filling out the preselection form in members area. It’s that simple, come to paradise today!

If you don’t want to take any chances and prefer not to roll the dice, then we recommend selecting from the dream team, These girls have earned a spot on this coveted page, for showing a unique willingness to treat our clients like “KINGS”.

Who says adult vacations are sleazy and you have to be couped up in some shady villa with no ambiance. Dr.Nights has changed all that, Now you can have your cake and eat it too!. Welcome to the most upscale resort in the world. We are beachfront, and All Inclusive. Tipping has already been taken care of, Airport transfer? forget about it! it’s all included. Dr.Nights has taken care of all the logistics, you can literally book your trip and come on down.

Dr.Nights is best known for not just selling vacation packages (anybody can do that), we are known for selling a great experience. Prepare to be amazed, and expect excellent customer service, upscale establishments, awesome VIP hosts, and companions willing and waiting to pamper you every way possible. This is truly a great deal!.

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